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Many of us have had experience with entrepreneurship. Maybe you started something, worked for a startup, or even invested in one. You likely understand the excitement of building something new. Yet this excitement runs up against the cold reality that most startups fail.

But what if you could mix the excitement of starting a business and marrying it with the stability of real estate? While not risk-free, you surely can minimize that risk.

This week we have an investor who is taking that strategy head on. Pleased to introduce you to Chad Ludeman!

How many doors do you have?

Right now we have 23 doors

What got you into real estate investing?

The realization that combining a Small Business and investing in Real Estate into one was the perfect fit for us.

What market(s) do you operate in?

Philadelphia, Catskills, NJ Shore Towns

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How would you describe your portfolio?

Boutique Apartment Hotels and Vacation Homes

What are you currently buying?


Biggest mistake in real estate?

Trusting larger developers to partner with us and treat us fairly

Tell us about your biggest win in real estate?

Getting a feature in Dwell Magazine on our first project that helped launch our brand.

What else do you invest in?

Our two boys, 11 and 13.

Books people should read before investing

I read a lot of books many years ago but honestly learned more through searching the web, social media and buying smarter people than I tasty foods and beverages.

What advice would you give to a new investor?

Go work for someone who has been successful at investing in what you want to. Even if you must do it for free.

Chad Ludeman (@chadludeman) / Twitter
Chad Ludeman (@chadludeman) /
Family man + Sustainable & Modern RE / hospitality developer. Marketing forward #ReTwit #HotelTwit & STRs. Philly / Cape May @Stay_Lokal @PostgreenHomes

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Enough Business

Man do I love fall

Waking up to be shortly greeted with a sunrise. Air feels crisp and smells of change. The ability to wear flannel button downs again!

Each week we get closer to the excitement of Halloween. The familiarity of Thanksgiving. Knowing we will be awash by the Christmas marketing machine.

Comfort food tastes more comfortable. Be it the fresh tomatoes harvested from our gardens. Pumpkin pie made from a can. Warm coffee greeting us on a 55 degree morning.

This year – let’s try and soak fall in and ignore the foreboding winter months. We will cross that bridge in January.

See you on Monday

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