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Some necessities for a short-term rental (STR) business are obvious: hundreds of toilet paper rolls, towels (the amount you think you need, doubled), soaps, etc. But there are less obvious things that will help your business run smoothly. Here are 10 lesser-known STR host must-haves.

10 Lesser-Known STR Must-Haves

1.) Wi-fi Sign

You should definitely post your wi-fi information. Yes, it’s in your welcome email and listing, but guests will ask nonetheless. Save time by displaying the Wi-fi network and password prominently.

We printed this out with our logo and framed the information for each unit.

2.) No Flushing Sign:

We bought signs for each toilet on Amazon that say, “Important, Please do not flush any products other than toilet paper, Not even “flushable” items. Thank you.” Can’t be 100% sure these are the reason, but we’ve not yet had a plumbing issue. You can order it here (not an affiliate).

3.) QR Codes:

We currently are using QR codes for 2 things: a) Roku How-To and b) Nest Thermostat How-To. We put these in the same frame as the Wi-Fi information. The codes take guests to help videos.

4.) Business Cards:

We have friends who know what we do ask about our short-term rental business. It helps to have business cards to direct people to our website. We also put these in our units, in case people want to stay at another of our locations.

5.) Racks:

In our smaller units, we’ve added luggage racks and people seem to like them. You can get them at hotel surplus stores. We also have coat racks in these units for people to hang stuff on.

6.) Power Strips:

Guests have so many electronics nowadays. In combination with lamps, they’re going to need more outlets than most places naturally have. Put power strips on each side of the bed for ease.

7.) Makeup Remover Pads:

Adding makeup remover means less ruined linens, so there’s a return on this investment.

8.) Brochures:

I fought this for a long time because I don’t like paper, but guests love to see pamphlets for local attractions and restaurants. Highly suggest putting some in your units.

9.) Basket for Remotes:

While I usually recommend ditching clutter, a small basket on the coffee table is a great way to ensure remotes don’t get lost. They add a little bit of design element as well.

10.) Guest Books:

Some folks love to give feedback in a written way. Some kids like to leave a drawing. We think guest books add a nice touch.

In Conclusion

Running an STR business can be a bit challenging, I know. These 10 items can make setting up and operating STRs easier. Let me know what you would add @AdultingIsEasy.

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