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As a host, house rules are very important. Guests implicitly agree to these rules when they book. If an issue arises and you need a booking platform to back you up, customer service is going to ask if the issue you’re calling about is covered in your house rules. Here are the topics your house rules should cover.

By Lauren K. Aumond

13 House Rules For Your STR:

1.) Smoking: Is it allowed inside, outside, or not at all?

2.) Security Deposit: It must be listed in your house rules if you’ll be taking a security deposit.

3.) Renter’s Agreement: This must also be listed.

4.) Pets: Are they allowed or not? Which kinds? How many? Is there a pet deposit?

5.) Cameras: Make sure you disclose whether you have cameras, how many you have, where they’re located, and whether they record audio and video.

6.) No flammable objects, like fireworks.

7.) No glitter or confetti.

8.) Sound: Make sure you cover quiet hours, music, karaoke machines, etc.

9.) Excess Guests: Whether and when additional guests are permitted.

10.) Parties/Events: Whether you permit these, size of groups, additional fees, etc.

11.) No eating in the beds.

12.) No entering locked spaces.

13.) Other listing-specific rules related to grills, hot tubs, etc.

For house rules you can copy and paste, click here.

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In Conclusion

House rules are important for the success of your short-term rental business, however, don’t be scared as your read through these. Over 99% of our guests have been fantastic, rule-abiding folks and I anticipate the same for you.

Lauren | Adulting Is Easy (@AdultingIsEasy) / Twitter
Lauren | Adulting Is Easy (@AdultingIsEasy) /
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