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So one of the most popular questions in wholesaling real estate and direct to seller marketing is, which lists are the best lists to target?

Everyone is going to have different answers because there are a lot of different lists. BUT … before we get into my 3 favorite lists to find motivated sellers, I want to emphasize the fact that these are people we are here to help. Some of these individuals may be in touch financial/personal/emotional situations, and some may not.

Regardless, our job is to help their out of their situation as best as possible. Lead with value to the seller first, and always keep integrity and the seller’s situation in mind. Now that we have established that, lets dig into my 3 favorite lists!

By Jordan Santiago

My 3 Best Lists To Find Motivated Sellers

1. Out of State Absentee Owners.

If you dont know what absentee owners are, they are individuals who own a property in one area but live in a different area.

For example, if you were to own a property in Arizona, but you lived in Virginia full time. Now there are local absentee owners, out of county absentee owners and out of state absentee owners.

Out of state absentee owners are my favorite because they have a lessened emotional connection to the property, and seem to have individuals in that list that either have vacant properties that are not benefiting them, or they are tired landlords that cant keep up with the property from far, have bad tenants, etc.

2. Pre Foreclosures.

Pre foreclosures are people that have not paid their mortgage for a few months or more, and now the bank is threatening them to foreclose on the property.

This is a good list because this is scattered with individuals who need to sell quick, and it gives us an ideal opportunity to help them out of their situation, and get a good deal ourselves. It should be a win win for both parties.

People in this list are usually motivated, so this is a good list to get cash deals with, or deals via creative financing. 

3. Vacants.

Lastly, another one of my favorites is a vacant property list. The vacant property list is exactly what it sounds like … a list filled with most likely vacant properties.

The reason why I love this list is because vacant properties almost serve no point to a seller (unless its a vacation home). In fact, it is an expense because of the mortgage, and taxes that the seller has to pay monthly. That gives them a reason to potentially want to sell the property.

It’s great because you dont have to deal with tenants, and with the property being vacant it allows you to be more creative. 

In Conclusion

Again, there are other lists you can hit and everyone will have different results with each list due to market, consistency, marketing channels and more. If you consistently market to these three lists and have a problem solving mentality first when dealing with the responses, you will find motivated sellers, and great deals!

Jordan Santiago 👑 (@TheJSantiago) | Twitter
Jordan Santiago 👑 (@TheJSantiago) | Twittertwitter.com
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