Meet @justkeepselling: From the city to beach-side vacation rentals

Good morning,

It is my pleasure to introduce you to @justkeepselling an investor making the shift from the city to beach-side vocational rentals!

How many doors do you have?

Right now I have 3 doors

What got you into real estate investing?

Since college – I was interested in pursing rentals on the side. I knew nothing about the industry, nothing about what to do for the first step. I would say 100 percent of my knowledge came via Twitter & Youtube

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What market(s) do you operate in?

Tampa, FL

How would you describe your portfolio?


What are you currently buying?

Currently in the process of moving from more city-style units, to more vacation rentals closer to the beach.

Tell us about your biggest mistake in real estate?

Really, it would be not getting in sooner. Everyone talks about high prices, crazy rates, and things you can’t control. If you are confident you will be able to cash flow a property during a downturn – get in sooner rather than later.

Tell us about your biggest win in real estate?

I wouldn’t say I have a big win as I am still getting my feet under me in the industry.

Outside of real estate what else do you invest in?

I am in the tech field – most of my investments are SaaS based businesses.

Books people should read before investing

The bible

What advice would you give to a new investor?

Talk to absolutely everyone you can before making a move. People will give advice! Ask for it.

Roy (@Justkeepselling) / Twitter
Roy (@Justkeepselling) /
I sell high dollar saas, build things online, and dabble in RE. DMs open

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