STR Pro – 7 Things Hosts Can Do to Get More Airbnb Bookings

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Airbnb favors active hosts. In my experience, making small changes and tweaks bumps your listings in the algorithm. Here are 7 ways to show Airbnb you’re an active host.

By Lauren K. Aumund

7 Ways to Get More Airbnb Bookings

1.) Change Photos Around

We’ve talked before about the importance of good (ideally professional) photos. If you aren’t getting as many bookings as you used to or expected to, try changing your first photo or the order of the photos.

2.) Update Wording in Your Listing

You can make small changes to your listing wording. I’ve heard even adding one additional space after a period counts!

3.) Check Amenities

Airbnb updates their list of available amenities sometimes. They’ll add something like “lobster pot” or “Wi-Fi speed.” You should periodically go through you’re the amenities and ensure all your offered amenities are checked.

4.) Review Guests

Guests and hosts have the option to review each other. I go through on Mondays and review all my recent guests. This shows Airbnb you’re active in your business.

5.) Respond to Guest Reviews

You should respond to every review. I usually mention something they said. For example, if they mentioned they loved walking to restaurants, I’ll say, “So glad you enjoyed the location!” Again, this proves you’re an active host.

6.) Tweak Pricing

If it’s been a few days since we’ve gotten a booking, I go into PriceLabs and move our minimum or base price by a few bucks. Without fail, I get a booking pretty soon after.

7.) Availability

You generally want your listing to show up in as many searches as possible. If you have longer minimums, try shortening them to see if you get booked. We require 3-night stays on weekends until it’s within 1 week, and 2-night stays on the weekdays. 

In Conclusion

If you’ve noticed a drop off in bookings, try some or all of these hacks. Send me a DM on Twitter to let me know they worked @AdultingIsEasy!

Lauren | Adulting Is Easy (@AdultingIsEasy) / Twitter
Lauren | Adulting Is Easy (@AdultingIsEasy) /
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