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Finding cash buyers is essential for wholesaling real estate. What is a good deal if you can’t find anyone to buy it from you? I see a lot of people struggle with this side of the business, even though it is probably the EASIEST side of the business.

I am about to show you 5 ways that ANYONE can find cash buyers for FREE so you can implement this into your business and no longer overcomplicate it. Let’s go!

By Jordan Santiago

5 free ways to find cash buyers

1. Facebook Groups

This is easily one of the best ways to find cash buyers in any market, and it is completely free. Everyone has Facebook already anyway, so why not use it to help you make money?

You can look up whatever marketing you’re targeting on Facebook, and search their real estate group or real estate investment group. It can be something like “Jacksonville Real Estate” or “Ohio Real Estate Investors”.

It may take a couple of days to get accepted, but once you’re in, the gold is there. You can post in the group asking for cash buyers because you are getting off market properties at a discount and want to see if anyone is interested.

Or, you can just easily scrape all of the emails and numbers that cash buyers are leaving under other peoples posts. Reach out to them, and introduce yourself!

2. Hard Money Lenders

The second one is one of my secret ways to find cash buyers, and can be a HUGE one if you make the right connections.

Call/email your local or nationwide hard money lenders and tell them you get great investment deals all the time and you want to sell them to their clients. Ask them for the list of all of their clients that are serious buyers, or ask them to introduce you to their clients.

Why would they do that? If you bring their client a deal, that means their client goes to them for a hard money loan, so literally everyone makes money. Boom.

3. Local Courthouse

This strategy will most likely work forever for anyone that is willing to get out of the house. Go to your local courthouse where they hold auctions, tax lien sales etc. At these events will be cash buyers and investors that are LOOKING for deals to buy ASAP.

Go up to them, introduce yourself, get their contact information, and ask them their buying criteria. This is a good way to meet people in person and build rapport as well.

4. Craigslist

This is actually how I found my first 20+ cash buyers in the business!

Craigslist is still very valuable! You can go to google, and search “(Your Market Name) Real Estate Wanted Craigslist”. Click on what usually should be the first link, and there you will see a bunch of “We Buy Houses” “Stop Foreclosure” “Cash For Houses” ads.

A lot of these are cash buyers hoping to get some new deals! Some will also be wholesaling, which is great to have other wholesaler connections as well. Reach out to these buyers and wholesalers as they will usually leave their contact info in the ad!

5. REIA Events

Last but not least, real estate events and meetups! This is a no brainer! Literally, a bunch of real estate professionals will be in one location with the main goal of meeting new people.

Who wouldn’t love to meet someone who can bring them more deals? Go network, introduce yourself, tell people what you do, and grab some contact information!

In Conclusion

Ladies, and gents. Those are 5 EASY and FREE ways to find cash buyers and investors for your deals. Implement these 5 tips ASAP, and I promise you wont be disappointed.

Jordan Santiago 👑 (@TheJSantiago) | Twitter
Jordan Santiago 👑 (@TheJSantiago) | Twittertwitter.com
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