Wholesaler Pro: 5 Tools For Your Wholesaling Business

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Wholesaling can be a hobby, or it can be an actual business! If you want any consistency in this business, you’re going to need to use some tools to help you be organized, gather data/information, and help you be more efficient!

By Jordan Santiago

5 Tools For Your Wholesaling Business

1. Podio/CRM

The first one is Podio. Podio is a CRM which is going to store all of your leads, data, communication and more.

It helps you with things like tasks, reminders, follow ups, conversations, leaded status, income/expenses and more! If you want to build a legit wholesaling business, you MUST have a CRM in place.

It doesn’t have to be Podio, there are other great ones like Investorfuse, or Salesforce, but a CRM must be implemented if you want to have consistent success!

2. Calltools

Calltools is a cold calling dialer which will elevate you from the rest of the pack of cold callers!

Instead of calling sellers one by one, let the Calltools system call 3+ sellers at the same time for you. Calltools will make your cold calling campaigns much quicker, and much more efficient. It will help you get in touch with motivated sellers much easier, and with much less manual work. If you are cold calling, this is a MUST!

3. Smarter Contact

Smarter contact is an SMS blast platform for anyone that wants to do text marketing. SMS marketing is super popular because of the large amount of text and cell phone use.

Smarter Contact allows you to send out thousands of texts to sellers with just a click of a couple of buttons. This, combined with Calltools is a great marketing tag team!

4. Propstream/MLS

Propstream and the MLS are vital for your underwriting in wholesaling business. Every time you get an interested lead, you can use these tools to run comps to help you determine your offer.

These tools will show you other properties that sold nearby, with all of the information needed to compare it to yours. This helps my team really see what a property’s ARV is quickly and easily!

5. RightSignature/Docusign

Lastly, is the tool for you to put the bow on the deal. Lock it up! These tools help you get properties under contract by sending your contracts to sellers, and having them sign on their laptops or phones.

This is especially important because of how popular virtual wholesaling and investing is!

In Conclusion

There are a ton of tools you can use in your wholesaling business that will help push you along, but these 5 are an absolute must if you want to build a wholesaling business that is sustainable and consistent! 

Jordan Santiago 👑 (@TheJSantiago) / Twitter
Jordan Santiago 👑 (@TheJSantiago) / Twittertwitter.com
Serial Entrepreneur ♻️| Real Estate Investor 🚀| 7 Figures AUM | 24 Yrs Old | Impact and Income 🤝| #AssetHungry| NYC| Click Link in Bio

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