Landlord Pro: Virtual Assistants 5 Ways You Can Use Them

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What if you could eliminate multiple common frustrations in your landlording business for about the same cost as your frappe crappe trappe or whatever you’re sipping on right meow? 

Stick around, I’m going to tell you about the shift towards leveraging virtual assistants I started making a few years back.

The term ‘virtual assistant’ has become almost a buzz word as of late.

By The LandLord Training Institute

Virtual Assistants 5 Ways You Can Use Them

 1.) Respond to Rental Listings

No matter what platform you’re using to advertise, you’ve likely already found the mountain of responses to be a bit overwhelming.

Ever forgotten to reply to someone? Bet you have.

I have.

Now my virtual assistant does it.

She’s my first responder for anything that is not fully automated.

No more missed prospects!

This works especially well using VA’s from different time zones to extend your available hours.

2. Get them to post ads for you

Especially if you’re not using software that automatically posts to several platforms.

Lots of platforms can be optimized for more responses by posting at a specific time of day.  

3. Train on how to evaluate your pre-screening questions.

This allows you to step away from evaluating 100+ candidates daily and leaves you with only the cream of the crop.

Ever wonder how recruiters make their money? This is exactly the service they provide.

4.) Optimize through an FAQ

Lets make our lives even easier by trimming down the number of repetitive emails our VA has to deal with.


Have them skim back through your inbox & outbox and create a rock solid FAQ list.

This list should be bullet form and gets posted at the bottom of your ad.

5.) Data Entry

Once you’ve got a talented VA onboarded, get them going on your annoying data entry tasks.

I’m talking about the basic bookkeeping type things.

Not accounting. 

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